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A History Of The Cricket Hall of Fame

A non-profit organization aimed at the promotion and development of cricket in the United States, the Cricket Hall of Fame inducts both local and international athletes for both their contribution to the game and also to contribute to the community through charities.In February 1981, the Sportsmens Athletic Club, located in Hartford, Connecticut, envisioned the launch of the first Cricket Hall of Fame in the world. After a number of failed attempts, the Cricket Hall of Fame became a reality through an in-house development from the Sportsmens Athletic Club.

In October 1981, the first annual Cricket Hall of Fame induction dinner was held at the Hartford Holiday Inn Hotel. The event was popular and possessed an air of festivity. The inaugural inductees were James Gabriel, John Law, Lloyd Walford, Alfred valentine, Lance Gibbs and Wesley Hall.

Through the years, the Cricket Hall of Fame has earned the respect of both players and fans. A decision to move the induction ceremony to New York resulted in a loss of interest, which ultimately led to complete inactivity of the Hall of Fame. After five years, a bold effort was launched by Linford Miller in 1997, which restructured the leadership and regained the respect that the Hall had once lost.

Since its revamping, the Cricket Hall of Fame is now a leader in aiding a number of deserving charities. Among them, a contribution of more than 400,000 surgical gloves for healthcare workers who were treating AIDS patients in Jamaica. In 2000, the Humanitarian awards ceremony raised funds for the Boys’ Town project and Boy Scouts movement in Jamaica, as well as a youth Hotline in Barbados, a Children’s Home in St. Lucia and Alvin Kallicharan Foundation in Guyana.

Today, the Cricket Hall of Fame is getting closer to realizing a longtime dream of becoming a museum. This is expected to significantly add to the many tourist attractions, which are already present in the city of Hartford. Thanks to the focused direction of new management, the Cricket Hall of Fame is now housed in more spacious quarters, but still in the same location, and is presently under further renovation.

Area individuals who are members of the cricketing community or athletics, who may have special or rare books, photographs, cricket memorabilia, artifacts, films or other collectibles of historic significance are asked to consider donating their items to the Cricket Hall of Fame. For additional information on the process of making donations or for questions regarding ticket purchases for upcoming induction ceremonies, individuals are urged to contact the Cricket Hall of Fame directly or stop by their headquarters at 3000 Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut.

Hartfords Cricket Hall of Fame is a division of the Sportsmens Athletic Club. After years of continued support from both the community, athletes and cricket fans worldwide, the Hall of Fame continues to thrive and will offer fans the opportunity to view rare collectibles in person or attend an induction ceremony. If you are a cricket fan, the Cricket Hall of Fame is a must-see.

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