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Ashes and marketing

What does England winning the ashes have to do with your marketing?Ashes and Marketing

The England Cricket team won the Ashes Test series this time around.It was a great acheivement, and will make the team members stars for the next few weeks.

Personally I have no interest in cricket, but what piqued my imagination was this:-Because I was at work,I had no television on..I had no radio on..and no internet connection, but within minutes of the Ashes finishing I knew the result of the match, and the series.

Why would this be interesting to us as marketers?

It hit me that this information about something good happening was told to me by word of mouth.Not once, not twice but in fact 5 or six times in just a few minutes.People were excited about England having won, and felt they needed to share this information.

Now what if we could harness the power of this excitement to promote our products?

We can, word of mouth is one of the cheapest andquickest advertising methods around.When someone finds a truly useful, or innovativeproduct, they will feel compelled to tell theirfriends and family about it.

They will also tell people about something theyget for free, and as marketers we should offerthem an easy way to do that.Add a “tell a friend” script to your newslettersignup or thank you pages, especially if you offer something free for subscribing. Also offer the referrera bonus for using the tell a friend system youare using, and see how this helps you increaseyour signups, and sales.

If people are willing to tell me about thecricket scores for free, how many do you thinkwill tell their friends about your offers in returnfor a bribe?

Try it today, use the power of “word of mouth” onyour website.

Douglas Titchmarsh is the owner of several websites including and He also publishes the CashInOnline Chronicle e-zine which you can subscribe to by sending an email to

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