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Category Guidelines

Category Guidelines To Help You Select The Perfect Category For Your Article Submissions [Print Version ]

This category guideline document is designed to help you select the best category for each of your article submissions. Many times a category or sub-category could serve double meanings and it’s our hope that this document will help clear up the type of articles we are hoping to see in each of the following categories.

Perhaps the biggest mistakes newbie authors will make is that they try classifying their article in the same category as their business rather than in the best category for their primary article topic. For example, if an author wrote an article about goal setting and then plugged their health & fitness business in the resource box, they might select Health & Fitness for the category when clearly the Goal-Setting category is best for the content and purpose of their article.

Lastly, a common question that is asked: Can I place my article in more than one category at a time. Sorry, the answer is no. Please choose the most appropriate category and go with that.

Since the site is coming up, we’d go by providing a category at time, so please be kind enough to mail us and suggest us the appropriate cateogory to make for your article.

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