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ColomboThe Las Vegas of Sri Lanka

ColomboThe Las Vegas of Sri Lanka

The commercial city of Sri Lanka, Colombo possesses all the ingredients to serve as one of the fabulous destination of the country. This old city has witnessed many different eras like Portuguese, Dutch and British time in the past. Located on the southwest coast, Colombo city is a combination of hilly and marshy land. Climate is generally hot except in the monsoon when it rains heavily. Despite being a modern city of Sri Lanka, Colombo reflects the rich and traditional culture of the country. The city is full of majestic landmarks like the two World Trade Center towers, Parliament Building and Jami Ul Alfar mosque.

There are many performing art centers which have gained popularity for their eastern musical performances. Elphinstone and Tower Hall are few of them. The national Museum of Colombo also treasures the precious antiques and memories of the last king of Sri Lanka Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. However, you will not find many grand Art galleries like you find in other major cities. Surprisingly, the nightlife of the city is compared to that of Las Vegas. It features a number of casinos, pubs and bars. Cricket rules over other forms of sports in the city. Despite continuous tiff between LTTE and Sri Lankan Army, Colombo offers a safe environment to spend quality days. Colombo hotels are absolutely safe.

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