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Cricket Bat Facing and Bat Protection

To ‘face’ or not to ‘face’ your cricket bat?

Facing your cricket bat refers to the application of a protective adhesive sheet which is applied to the hitting area and edges of your bat. Whether to face your bat or not has long been a topic of some debate. There are those that have said ‘facing’ your bat both reduces its performance and adds weight and there are those that say ‘facing’ is an excellent way to protect and prolong the life of your cricket bat.

There are actually merits to both of these views. Those against the idea cite the heavy, thick and spongy extra tech type facing materials which have traditionally been used on cricket bats in the past. These materials added weight and if they were too thick noticeably reduced the ‘ping’ and performance of a bat.

Fortunately facing materials have improved over the years and you are now able to face your cricket bat with materials that are much lighter, thinner and generally better all round.

It is universally agreed today that so long as the material being applied to your cricket bat is a good facing then there is no question of the benefits of applying a protective facing to your bat. This view is held by the best bat makers in the world who fully support and endorse the application of a good facing for your cricket bat.

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