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Cricket Bat Knocking

By Knocking In the cricket bat we are trying to compress the Willow fibres down the face and edges of the bat. By correctly Knocking In you will gain more driving power from the blade and will prolong the life of your bat.

Use an Old Ball to Start the Knocking-In Process. You can use a wooden bat mallet or an old cricket ball to prepare the bat for play.

It’s better if you start the Knocking In process by using an old cricket ball that you methodically tap down the edges and along the blade of the bat for up to 2 hours. If you prefer to use a bat mallet cover the mallet for this first stage with an old sock to soften the blows. Ensure that all areas of the bat receive attention.

You can check your progress by lightly pressing the blade with your finger nail. At the beginning this will leave an indentation but towards completion it will be harder to leave a mark.

The next day or after a break it is time to use a wooden bat mallet. Gently tap the face and edges ensuring all areas receive attention. Gradually increase the force of the blows; you should spend about a further 2 hours with the mallet. Now the blade will be very hard to mark and the edges slightly rounded. Finish knocking In with a Bat Mallet

So far you’ve spent 4 hours patiently preparing your bat and now you’re ready to go to the nets. Get someone to bowl old balls, at this stage you should get a feel for the bat; where the sweet spot is, how it drives and does the ball sound good off the blade. Keep an eye on the bat; the old ball should not leave any large indentations, if it does, then you need to return to the bat mallet.

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