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Cricket Batting Tips to Take You to The Top

Cricket Batting Tips to Take You to The Top

Nothing can very be more beautiful to watch on the cricket field, than to see a batsman in full flow. Even world class bowlers have admitted to being overwhelmed when they see a batsman in full swing. So we mortal beings stand no chance but become overwhelmed by a good batting display. Batting is not an easy thing to do in a cricket field, be it any condition. There are several cricket batting tips that need to be implemented properly, if a player wants to bat really well in a cricket match. The batsman must have a proper knowledge and idea about all the batting tips that he can catch hold of. The ability of a batsman is ably displayed if he knows all the cricket batting tips. The real test of the character that a batsman goes through is in the test matches, where the batsman needs to stay at the crease as long as possible.

The first and foremost batting tip, which every cricketer needs to follow is proper footwork. Footwork is the most crucial aspect of batting and a batsman must have excellent footwork to play different kinds of shot. In this modern era of fast paced Cricket, still there are lot of players who are well- known for their footwork and sound temperament. Great players like Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Brain Lara of West Indies and Ricky Ponting of Australia are renowned all over the world due to their excellent footwork and strokeplay. Apart from these players, the Indian Captain Rahul Dravid has gained the tag of The Wall because of his footwork combined with excellent timing. So if you are dreaming of one day becoming like any of these great players, you surely know from where to start now. Well this is just the beginning.

One of the major advantages of having a good footwork is that it allows you to time the ball very well and place the ball perfectly in the gaps. Proper footwork enables you to be in the best position to hit any ball perfectly with your cricket bat. Work really hard on your footwork if you want to perfect the art of batting and hit different types of shot. Timing of your shots also becomes perfect if you have a good and proper footwork and sound technique.

A batsman must have the ideal grip to be able to play all the strokes properly. The ideal grip on the bat must be both the hands together at the handle of the bat. Make sure that your grip is neither too loose nor too tight. The correct grip allows you to bat with flair and also does not restrict you in playing any of the shots. So take care of the grip you have and see if you need to make any correction in your existing grip. Maybe the grip is that thing which is not working out properly for your batting.

Batting is one of the most exciting components of a cricket match. One way of perfecting your batting is through playing each ball according to its merit. It is not possible every time for a bowler to ball six good balls in an over and also it is very rare that you will receive six bad balls in an over. Remember it takes only one good ball to get you out. So watch each and every ball very carefully and watch out for balls that may prove for your undoing. Watch out for that ball.

Keep watching the ball in the bowlers hand till the ball is delivered. If you follow this meticulously you can very easily find out what type of ball the bowler is going to deliver. If you do this then you can be prepared in advance to face the type of ball being bowled to you and then adjust your footwork and shots accordingly. Always remember to follow cricket batting tips if you want to be a successful batsman.

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