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England? You Must Be Kidding

In the days that followed Englands qualification for Germany 2006, Sven Goran- Eriksson, Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen all said that they think England can win the World Cup. But, in my humble opinion yet again, although they have some highly talented and gifted players, I doubt they have a good enough team to do it. Look back at England s overall performances throughout the 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign and you can see just what the team lacks, and why England will not win the World Cup next year. A great team is built not just with technical ability (of which England have absolutely loads), fame and fortune but also passion, teamwork, commitment, tactics and personality, (all of which England desperately lacks).You look back at the England cricket teams success in the summer and you see all of those factors mentioned above. I may not be the most ardent follower of the sport but I think Im right in saying England actually only have a couple of player in the world rankings for batting and bowling, however as a team they are formidable. Michael Vaughans intelligence, calm head and Quiet but effective leadership and Andrew Flintoffs inspiration are the keys. But you can look around at the raw passion of Simon Jones, flamboyance of Kevin Pietersen, honest workmanship of Ashley Giles and you see the way the team is built.

They played with so much strength oh character. Every time they fell behind or lost wickets certain players would step up for their team and do something special, which could be anyone at different times. Look through the England football team and youll find arrogant, self-interested individuals with all the personality of a wet fish almost to a man. These guys dont look like theyre playing for England for love or passion of the game or their country. They seem to be playing for their profile as footballers, and the next big sponsorship deal. Passion isnt about spitting anger and diving in for tackles the way Rooney and David Beckham respectively tend to do. It isnt about getting sent off as it lets your team mates and your country down.

No, passion is about running so hard, you are playing as both full-back and wide midfielder the way Cafu and Roberto Carlos did when their star player was sent off in 2002 against England. I can picture it if Svens lot were to win the World Cup. I see Beckham striking a pose with the trophy, sticking out his chest and allowing a lock of his hair to fall across his face, Frank Lampard and John Terry grinning behind him, Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand in the background on their mobiles to their agents demanding pay-rises com-mensurate with winning the tournament. To cut a long story short, if England wins the 2006 World Cup, Ill run semi-nude around the Merdeka Square on the next rainy day after the tournament, if, the authorities allow it of course.

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