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Greg Chappell – Sachin Controversy Roots

1. Greg Chappell mentions that some Senior Players of India had formed a clique/ mafia that controlled cricket and kept deserving talent out
Seems much like any other sports or corporate. Has a tinge of truth in it. He possibly hinted at Sachin who has not played any great innings for a long time, and should have hanged his boots by now. Thumbs Up. That Greg didn’t have this courage when he was the coach. Thumbs Down.

2. Sachin Tendulkar hits back emotionally mentioning that he’s distressed at the remarks. And has reiterated that his committment to the country not be questioned.
Sachin is true about his commitment to the country not being questioned. However, I as a cricket fan would also say that my committment is unquestionable – that doesn’t qualify me to play. I have to perform on the stage and that’s all what counts. Opps! Seems Sachin has missed this ball too. Thumbs Down.

3. Greg Chappell Resigns
A combination of a few reasons or possibilities are:

    The start of ICL (Indian Cricket League) may have sprung him an opportunity which he doesn’t want to miss. He did hint that he’d be continuing his association with Indian Cricket.
    The death of Bob Woolmer. Surely, this would be an the back of his mind.
    The possibility of maybe coaching another international team (maybe Australia or Pakistan)
    Tired of inability to manage the cliques within the Indian Team. Since a large part of his success depends on his ability to keep moving people, the Rocks (Sachin, Sehwag, Dravid and Ganguly) are coming in his way!


4. Sachin says that Juniors are encouraged in the Indian Team
Anil Kumble came out in support of Sachin. However, Javagal Srinath’s sharing of some earlier memories with Anil Kumble when both of them debuted make good reading. Srinath said, they were looking forward to getting a lot from the Seniors, but were disappointed, talks a lot about the Player’s camarederie that Sachin talks about. Seems sad but true that there is a dog eat dog world out there. Thumbs Down.

5. The Exit of Sachin, Sehwag and all non-performing assets would spell disaster
Well we thought the same when Gavaskar went. I believe there are even more talented yougsters waiting in the wings. People who have already broken Sachin and Kambli’s partnership records. Boys who have scored higher than anyone earlier. And they won’t take time to sink their teeth in fast. They’d have the fire burning bright inside them (fire which has been doused by achievements in Sachin, and Sehwag). Good Bye Sachin Thumbs Up.

6. Sachin has done a lot for Indian Cricket.
Nowhere I am disputing Sachin’s tall achievements, however we are looking at today and tommorrow. Sachin’s place now is in the Hall of Fame and that’s where he should go right now!

Cricket tommorrow is going to be much different. Much like hockey or football, where you remember games but can’t remember the complete team which played. There would be more players and less stars in the teams which have to succeed. You need heavy rotation in players to win.

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