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Hype Hype Hype (around indian cricket)

The demise of Team India in the West Indies stems from the Hype created around the not so well performing players. This hype is created by some senior players, commentators, media, advertisers and fans that are impressed by occasional fireworks without seriously understanding the game. This was a team which did not have even a single player truly and surely in form. The team carried a no. of great players who used to perform fantastically once upon a time but are now seen often struggling against even mediocre attacks / batsmen. Our managers are prepared to wait endlessly for once match winners, even if they repeatedly fail embarrassingly, to regain their form and win a match or two for India. Embarrassingly I said is for the fans because it is they who feel the sting but not these players who never feel awkward about their successive failures and refuse to eat a humble pie. They do not show the dignity to accept their failures and change their style or step aside for a while even in the face of being medically unfit. Their actions are akin to a fairy tale we used to hear in our childhood. This is about a princess who was in the captivity of a demon and used to expect that one day, a prince would come riding a blue horse, kill the demon and set her free. Nobody knew when that day would come. This is the story with our Team India too. We wait for the stars to perform but when? It is anybody guess. Loss of form normally is only for a couple of matches or at the most for one or two series, not for years together as is the case with stars of Team India. And make no mistake, a chance good innings or one or two nice performances against a lowly team which incidentally temporarily boosts somebody statistics is not called coming back to form. Back to form is performing consistently and purposefully or in crisis for at least 60-70% times and over fairly long durations as we see in the case of other players on the circuit. So there is urgent necessity of recognizing true performance and link payments with that, enforce discipline, discard hero worship and consistent under performers and rebuild the team with a new coach, preferably from India. It is also required to check distractions through over indulgence in Ads and shoots etc., particularly in the case of players under contract. After all, it is a question of the pride of the nation and not of individuals.
Now, we can also look at the other side of picture too i.e. from the point of view of players involved. How do they feel? Yes, they also must be feeling very bad and disappointed at the humiliating defeats. But should they consider that it has just happened? No, we were asking for it and asking loud. A little soul searching at the right quarters shall reveal that we were not applying ourselves at the crunch situations and were caving in time and again. So if we have done that, then there is no one else to blame. On the other hand, if we have tried and prepared ourselves and yet failed again and again, then perhaps we are no longer fit for the job at that level. Then we should accept the inevitable and make way for others. After all we go there not just for trying but to win or else lose creditably. Therefore, there is need to think in the right perspective. Worst offenders are those who in spite of being in the key positions or at the helm of affairs, fail to even own their part of responsibility and keep blaming others. Decision lies with those whose time is up but who are dragging on or wish to do so. Or decision lies with those who select or appoint them.

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