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India polishes off England in the ODI series

As India polished off England in the ODI series by sweeping the first 4 matches, albeit with England scoring more than India in the 4th match but still losing under the D/L system, a lot of fans would want a desperate update of the D/L system. A lot of english fans I believe would already have signed off the D/L system as an unfair practice! However, it is the most scientific system as of now.. and I do owe you an explanation of what it is.. so remind me soon to cover the system here..

Meanwhile, in the last 4 matches some things have happened which are between the lines..

Like, Yuvraj, has developed a glare which has got a bit obnoxious.. as he wants his balls to be fielded as well as he would field others balls. Watch it son, things don’t always remain in perpetual climb, keep your anger reserved only for the opposition, as mistakes and slips occur on the field and they are not to be taken to the heart. By doing this, you may permanently close the doors of a possible captaincy, since this attitude certainly does not behove a captain.

Meanwhile, Irfan Pathan made a semi-comeback into the side, but generated more dust than an actual comeback. Somehow, his glorious skills are as yet untapped. I truly believe that a person like Irfan should be playing in the team all the time, since just on batting alone he should get an entry into the team ahead of Rohit and Raina.. and I am not joking trust me.. and add to it his bowling, india can go into matches with 5 regular bowlers which is a must for a good defense of low totals.

In this series, Sehwag, Gambhir and especially Yuvraj have played a stellar role in giving India great totals, and surely the Sehwag Gambhir opening should be continued. Sachin should better get used to batting lower down the order till injury to Sehwag/ Gambhir requires him to backup.

Lastly, England has sort of caught up with India in the glimpses we saw during their T22 chase today. So no way are they going down 7-0. Mark my word!

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