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Harbhajan Singh gets turned on by Brett Lee carnage

India vs Australia ODI match Brisbane 3 February, 2008 – A Fun Report

These were the other possible headlines:
– Sachin digs his heels in – too far for comfort
– Dhoni shows he can bat as painfully as Ravi Shastri (Champion of Champions)
– luck’s dalliance with Tiwary
– India batsmen fall in line – a lesson in discipline
– Harbhajan Singh gets turned on by Brett Lee carnage
– Rain God furious at Duckworth and Lewis

The Brisbane ground had a huge cloud cover and prediction of rain.

India won the toss and opted to Bat first and an immediate mini collapse ensued. Well we remember T20 was a practice match – the dress rehearsal and this was going to be the real show. So you alreayd knew what was going to happen.

Sehwag got out to a quick start towards the pavillion. Sachin dug his heels well, actually too well. And he didn’t notice that he had dug his heels so well that they upset his stumps. It didn’t exactly hurt as anyway India were quite slow off the blocks.

Gambhir and Rohit Sharma dug their heels in (careful enough not to dig into the stumps like Sachin). Australia were happy to allow them since they were ready to go on slowly. They dropped Gambhir twice in an over to make their point. But Gambhir sensed something was wrong. He understood the scheme, so he went and all batsmen followed him – Rohit, Tiwary and Uthappa. If they’d have gone after the Aussies bowlers with such speed, we could have seen a great match.

Now began a laborious chapter. Dhoni being the captain assumes that he needs to bat slow in crisis and Irfan like a dutiful sub-ordinate obeyed HMV. It was a painful restoration of the Indian score as they kept trading the scoring rate for aggregate increase. Harbhajan Singh got turned on by Brett Lee carnage but he avoided the temptation of patting him on his back. So, he patted his bat with the same intensity. It was the always irreverent Harbhajan who slashed at everything sent by Symonds and his pals. He was pulling so well today, that he even pulled his own hamstring to show us, and then hopped around for runs till an idea struck him. He started hitting 4s!! Well I do wish Symonds curses everyone in the Indian team so that everyone turns Harbhajan. Sreesanth and Ishan timed their innings well to finish with the 45 overs they were allotted. No one can complain that India didn’t use their complete battery.

India ended at 194 all out in 45 overs. Brett Lee got 5 wickets.

The Australians were laughing. Another sitting duck after T20. Irfan Pathan who had taken 51 balls to score his 21 runs, gave away 27 runs in just 12 balls. Australia was on a roll! Well, the way Hopes started, it looked like he wanted to keep Hayden out of the scheme of things longer than his captain would like. Then an astonishing thing happened, something that Ponting hates. Adam Gilchrist walked! Now everyone walks after being out, but they prefer to be given out and told to leave.

Let us pray to God to restore more Gilchrists to the game. Amen.

Well Hopes was dashed, or may I say Hopes were dashed. He was heart broken (by Ishant who broke his wicket). Ponting proved once again that neither Harbhajan nor Ishant have got his mickey. He left before they came. Wow! What a man! What pride!

Now at 51 for 3 in 7.2 overs it began to rain once again and the Duckworth Lewis gave us their amazing stuff by reducing the target to 141 off 26 overs. However, God has stopped loving the D/L method and he goes for a complete washout. The match was washed out.

It was a funny match and it seems that India had a narrow escape and so did Australia since you never know if they could’ve won or lost from this situation however to be fair Sreesanth was not happy since he was just starting to enjoy what could’ve ended as one of his best outings.. he didn’t even get to dance.

(the above are written in a funny mood and not intended to hurt your sentiment – i doubt if any actual players gets time to read – so please don’t (get) hurt yourself defending them

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1 Comment

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