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IPL T20 2008 Batting Performance vs Rankings (midway)

IPL League

The Teams predicted to be the best largely kept their ranking given by this site. Only 3 team deviated by more than 2 spots. They were Delhi who surprised largely due to the sudden form of Virender Sehwag. 2 Teams who failed their rankings were Hyderabad who failed despite having Symonds and Gilchrist followed by Rohit Sharma. Though Mumbai explicably without Sachin did not retain their batting ranking, and Jayasuriya’s continued loss of form after the Australian tour didn’t help their cause.

Current Batting Rank Original Batting Rankings
Chennai Hyderabad
Mohali Mohali
Delhi Chennai
Jaipur Mumbai
Hyderabad Kolkata
Kolkata Jaipur
Mumbai Delhi
Bangalore Bangalore

Also it is turning out that Batting Ranking matters more than bowling ranking

* The ranking as analysed by the author, Vineet Raj Kapoor.

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