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IPL T20 Bowling Team Rankings 2008

IPL League

The Best Bowling Lineup is of Royal challengers, Bangalore. On an average you can expect them to shoot out the opposition for just 90 runs in an average outing! Kolkata can restrict the opposition to around 113/7. Jaipur also has a good bowling lineup and can restrict the opposition to 126/9. Mohali, Hyderabad and Mumbai also have good lineups and expect to restrict the opposition between 136-144 runs in each outing.

Delhi seems to have a weak bowling lineup and their opposition could average 152 in an average outing. However, the worst bowling lineup belongs to Chennai who can let their opposition run away to 163 in an average outing.

Bowling Rankings

* The score is an average expected score against the team as analysed by the author, Vineet Raj Kapoor. The actual score may vary on the day based on pitch conditions, players playing and the opposition batting attack.

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