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ODI Match Predictions for CBS Series 2008

ODI Match Predictions for CB Series 2008 – Australia India Sri Lanka

Australia vs India prediction
Sri Lanka vs Australia prediction
Sri Lanka vs India prediction

How do they work?

The team performance is entirely deduced on the following factors:

    2007 Team performance at locations (Home for Australia and Away for India and Sri Lanka)
    Based on the team’s performances during 2007 batting first and second
    Possible Team totals based on the players (batsmen) playing and their scoring rates
    Possible team totals for opposition based on the players (bowlers) playing and their economy rates as well as strike rates

Do note that on different individual days the scores can vary highly, but the average impact could remain near to this. This is not a recommendation for placing bets and betting. We recommend that the bets be placed using your own discretion and banking on your own luck

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