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ODI Rankings 2009 are out!

My Cricket player rankings are out! And you won’t be able to easily guess who is the Most Valuable Player!!
A Total of 368 players took the field in 2009 as against 369 in 2008 (considering that a couple of new teams like UAE and HK also played, this number is much smaller than in 2007).

I have put out different ODI Ranking lists for teams and players. Do check each one out!

ODI Batsmen Rankings 2009 (all teams)
ODI Bowler Rankings 2009 (all teams)
ODI Best Wicketkeepers/ Fielders 2009 (all teams)
ODI Most Valuable Players – All Rounders 2009 (all teams)
ODI Team Rankings 2009 (all teams)

You can check out previous year’s rankings here (ODI Team Rankings 2008)

There are many good players waiting to be born out there. There are some players from unknown countries who if perform as per their statistics would become Superstars, or other perish their records accumulated against similar unknown nations.
Did you know there is an allrounder called “RN ten Doeschate” who plays for Netherlands? Well if you check out his performance, he was the Most Valuable Player of 2006 and 2007!! But in 20087 he got to play just 2 matches – so he could not be ranked. Just for the record, if he was ranked he would have got 84.2 points (that’s higher than Ajantha Mendis – the No. 1 MVP of 2008 got!!) Thats a lot of talent being wasted – ICL and IPL are you listening?? Well check out the complete rankings now!!

Well, Ajantha Mendis appeared from nowhere and shot right to the top of the list as MVP 2008 (most valuable player)

*These rankings are based on Players whos played 5 matches or more. These rankings are prepared solely by myself based on owned algorithms. These have no relation with ICC or any other rankings calculated elsewhere in the world.

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