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Role of Unfair Expectations in violent behavior

Sports and Expectations

Trying to understand the role of Unfair expectations and violent behavior (in sports, government, friendship and even marital relationships) through sports. The various players in each area may have new names, but all of these roles are required to flame tensions.
Note: This is not a story about the fall of India and Pakistan Cricket Teams, but of Soccer, Domestic Violence, Career Struggle, and all our personal problems at one go.

Why do people spill out on streets and damage property when their favourite team loses? (why does the same thing happen when our representatives/ government takes out a bill which is not fair to all and which was not part of the election agenda)

The main cause of violent behavior is HIGH EXPECTATIONS. We cheer our national/ city team due to our birth-affiliation. Now media drums up a picture which may not be in line with realities. Actually our expectations here are BORROWED EXTECTATIONS – they are given to us by the Media – or in other words these are media’s expectations.

Usually this is the PROCESS:

1. An unfairly high rating given to team by national media
2. Advertisers surpass their budgets to drum up people’s expectations further
3. Advertisers play on national sentiments to garner high sales (to cover up for their advertisement costs)
4. Pages getting dedicated to the Team as well as advertisements on these pages giving people a belief that they are backing the right horse
5. This all puts the team under huge pressure.
6. This pressure actually divides the team since no one would like to show up as the villian in the unlikely scenario of a loss. So all players are playing for their safety and team victory is a second goal.
7. The team loses due to pressure to similarly ranked opponents quite easily and sometimes can be beaten by other low ranked opponents.
8. Once the Team loses to an easy Opponent, the pressure on them is increased, as worried Advertisers/ Media/ Betters/ Fans start calling the players individually
9. Media now enters a Banned Domain. They start playing to the galleries. They start advising Players on how to play. They are advise Captains on whom to play. Obviously this advice is not for the players (usually they don’t get to hear it), it is for the Fans. So, if the team loses, they come out Shining! (if the team wins their theories still stay as they didn’t get tested). So, in the end, like an astrologer, they always win the heart of their readers. Readers, Who, end up thinking of media as being the EXPERT and the coach, captain and team as being foolish.
10. Violence takes root in terms of violent words flying (Media), altercations in press and finally physical violence (Fans).
11. Now starts the catharsis. Left with no option, but to appease the fans (especially if they are a large Voter Bank), measures are promised and heads have to roll.

Take the case of Indian Soccer / Football. Why has there never been a hue and cry over their losses? Because there are no unfair expectations.

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