2007 World Cup

Semi Final Line Up

True to the Vineet’s Cricket Team Rankings, the first 6 teams made it to the second round (in sharp contrast to only 4 out of top 6 teams in ICC Rankings) with 2 teams Pakistan (7th) and India (8th) getting replaced by other teams.

I still expect my rankings to hold true and 4 Teams from 1-5 rankings (Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, England and Sri Lanka) to make the next round. Most like a toss up between England and Sri Lanka, with possibly Sri Lanka going through since Jayasuriya is passing through a very special period. Most likely even the lineup order would remain the same as my rankings.

This all points to a question, whether the ICC Ranking system holds true? They didn’t even acknowledge that a team called Ireland could be ranked, whereas, I had Ireland at No. 6 in my ranking!! ICC gives high ranking to India and Pakistan (in the top 6) whereas my rating was at 7 and 8 (at the edge of qualification).

My ranking system is based on the ranking of the players who represent the country in the previous year, and the performance of each one of them counts. Which means a failed try would also be counted as much as a succesful debut, and each team member would need to contribute before the team can be ranked high.I would surely like your comments about what you think of all this? Do post your comments right here.

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