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T-20 hits back with SuperOvers

T20 resumed its evolution with the new rule SuperOver. Ideally the rule says that each team picks 3 batsmen and one bowler. And each team gets to bat for one over bowled by the opposing team’s bowler. And they have 2 wickets or 6 balls till the end of their innings. If they are tied at the end of SuperOvers, then the team losing lesser wickets wins. If that is same then the team hitting more 6s wins. And even if that is same, then the team hitting more 4s wins!! (Phew)

Today’s Match:
West Indies-New Zealand

New Zealand: 155/7
(Taylor 63, Styris 21, Gayle 2 for 16)
West Indies: 155/8
(Chris Gayle 67, Marshall 28, Vettori 3 for 16, Patel 2 for 34)

So today when New Zealand and West Indies tied off at 155. They chose the following teams to win them the match.

West Indies:
Batsmen: Gayle, Marhsall, Chanderpaul
Bowler: Benn

New Zealand:
Batsmen: Oram, McCullum, Taylor
Bowler: Daniel Vettori (captain)

Now West Indies batted First:

Ball 1: Chris Gayle 6 runs (6/0)
Ball 2: Chris Gayle runs but Marhsall is run out. 1 run (7/1)
Ball 3: Chris Gayle 6 runs (13/1)
Ball 4: Chris Gayle 6 runs (19/1)
Ball 5: Chris Gayle 4 runs (23/1)
Ball 6: Chris Gayle 2 runs (25/1)

Ball 1: Oram 6 runs (6/0)
Ball 2: Oram 2 runs (8/0)
Ball 3: Oram Caught Out (8/1)
Ball 4: Taylor 6 runs + One run for No Ball (15/1)
Ball 4: Taylor Bowled 0 runs (15/2)

So West Indies won and Chris Gayle was the man of the match

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