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The Great Race!

It’s a great race to score runs between Sachin, Sehwag and Yuvraj! Let’s see who wins this race!! They’ve already totaled more than 1000 runs (1062 to be exact) in this world cup. And the next team is Sri Lanka, with their top 3 having scored 910. Sure, they can catch up by the next match. But with Gautam Gambhir and Virat Kohli on their heels – it is the best set of 5 batsmen any country has in this world cup!

And the fact that Sachin has so far hit 8 sixes, which makes him the 3rd highest 6 hitter in this world cup, and you know where he’s heading. And Yuvraj has hit only 3 sixes! So now we know why Tendulkar has been so prolific, now that the rebel has come home.

You can look forward to India lifting the trophy once again. And you can say, “Jab Jab prithvi par kisi cricket team ney aatank failaya hai, tab tab ek Hindustani Veer Yodha Team ney janm liya hai!”

Only twice have a team won the World cup more than once in succession. And each of those times, they needed an Indian Team to stop them!

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